Our Departments

System Advanced Labs offers a broad package of services
for performing certified lab test programs in the construction and paving sector,
in the metallurgy and the import sector, placing the emphasis on credibility and quality service

בדיקות מיגון אש

Fire protection

Performing all types of fire protection tests with certification from the National Fire Authority and recognition from the Fire and Rescue Commission. Prevention of the spread of fire, detection systems, fire control and extinguishing, integration.

מערכות הבניין

Building systems

A wide range of comprehensive and special tests in the field of building systems, with certification from the authority and approval by the Commissioner of Standardization, pursuant to the requirements of the various committees for purposes of Form 4 and Form 5.

בדיקות אל הרס ( NDT )

NDT tests

A range of NDT tests to test characteristics of materials, components, or systems without destroying them. These techniques make diagnostics possible without harming or affecting the function of the elements tested.

אייקון גיאומכניקה


Testing of the physical and mechanical characteristics of soil, rock, and geosynthetic products, primarily for planning purposes. Geological guidance for various soil surveys, at the customer’s site and in the lab.

בדיקות בטון אייקון

Concrete testing

All types of concrete testing for structural frames, tests for fresh and hardened concrete, special tests according to Israeli and international standards and according to the customer’s unique specifications.

התעדת מוצרים

Product certification

System approves products, services, and procedures that meet Israeli and international standard requirements. It is an official, certified body under IEC/ISO 17065

מערכות הבניין

Building research and Tama 38

The department conducts testing that provides data and information about the existing state of the building in real time, in order to plan and execute future projects.

בדיקות אל הרס ( NDT )

Gas department

The gas department tests a wide range of gas products imported from abroad to determine whether they meet the Israeli standard.

מחלקת ספורט סיסטם

Sports department

Comprehensive testing for indoor sports halls, outdoor courts and gyms, for basket facilities, partitions, Swedish ladders, gymnastics rings, lifting devices, and hanging screens.

בדיקות אל הרס ( NDT )

Marketing Department

Marketing Department

בדיקות בטון אייקון

Soil and asphalt

All types of tests in the field of soil and asphalt according to the most stringent standards and full compatibility with the applicable standards and the relevant work specifications.

מחלקת ספורט סיסטם

Toys and baby products

Testing for toys and baby products to protect child safety and prevent hazards.

כימיה ומיקרוביולוגיה

Chemistry and microbiology

The lab specializes in various tests in the field of cosmetics and preparations, and is recognized by the Ministry of Health. Supplies the widest range in the Israeli market of chemical and microbiological tests.

בדיקות קרינה

Radiation testing

High-level solutions and testing services for radiation, with advanced equipment and adjustment for the specific types of energy.

המעבדה לחשמל ואלקטרוניקה

Electricity and electronics lab

Testing the compliance of products to standards and specifications in a range of areas, such as: electronic appliances for home use, entertainment electronics (audio-video), lighting fixtures, office equipment for data processing (IT) and communications. Primarily for importers in need of standardization certifications in order to release products from customs.

התעדה לבניה ירוקה

Certification for green building

Certification testing for sustainable building (green building) according to Israeli Standard 5281. To comply with SI 5281 and receive a building permit and Form 4, testing and control by an official, certified institution is required in order to meet the standard requirements.