Who We Are

System Advanced Laboratories Ltd. is the leading lab in Israel, providing the greatest range of services for every type of customer

Who are we?

System labs is the leading lab in Israel for control and quality assurance tests for the construction and paving industry for the government, corporate, and private sectors. The lab has branches nationwide and professional departments that provide testing services throughout the country.

The Company’s Services

System Advanced Laboratories Ltd. provides the greatest range of services for every type of customer and is certified by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority, by virtue of the Israeli Standards Law and with the approval of the Regulatory Authority at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

With over twenty years of experience, System Labs is a one-stop shop for an entire package of services, performing testing for the building and paving sector, metallurgy sector and imports sector. The company guarantees quality, credibility and a high service standard.


System Labs, one of the largest companies in Israel in this field, believes that its staff is the foundation of its success and attributes the utmost importance to its professional team. In addition, the quality and nature of the services it provides are also crucial, which is why the company employs experts of international renown, geologists and senior professionals with years of experience in geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering and materials engineering.

Our Customers

Over the years, the company has cooperated with a wide range of customers and has been involved in projects for the government sector, local authorities, financial companies, management companies, private developers and contractors; all will unanimously testify to our capabilities and the extensive selection of services we offer.

With many years of experience and a vision for the future, System Advanced Laboratories is happy to continue leading the market, implementing innovative testing technologies, and developing in new professional directions.

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Some of our Clients

משרד הביטחון
מוריה - חברה לפיתוח ירושלים בע"מ
חוצה ישראל
נתיבי ישראל - החברה הלאומית לתשתיות תחבורה
משרד הבינוי והשיכון
רכבת ישראל
חברת נמלי ישראל פיתוח ונכסים בע"מ
נ.ת.ע - רכבת קלה לגוש דן
עיריית תל אביב
עיריית ירושלים
רשות שדות התעופה בישראל
מקורות - חברת המים הלאומית
חברת החשמל
יפה נוף - תחבורה, תשתיות ובנייה
החברה הכלכלית לפיתוח באר שבע
מפעלי ים המלח בע"מ
כיל רותם
ישראבטון תעשיות בטון
רפאל - מערכות לחימה מתקדמות בע"מ
איטונג ישראל
נשר מפעלי מלט ישראליים בע"מ
נייר חדרה
אלקטרה בנייה
קבוצת אשטרום
חברת דונה
ארזי הנגב ייזום ובניה
ערים חברה לפיתוח עירוני בע"מ