Company Profile

System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., is an authorized laboratory, approved by the Laboratories Authorization Authority, by force of the Standards Law and approved by the Standardization Commissioner of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., is one of the large leaders of this market segment, employing more than 200 employees, located at five branches throughout Israel.
System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., performed the comprehensive tests as required by its customers, through a combination of professional expertise, qualitative service and individual attention, employing technical and logistic means that enable it to deliver reliable results at short response times.
System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., employs qualified personnel and experienced engineers in Israel and at projects abroad (Georgia, Ashtrom), combining the unique needs of its client with the standards and the most advanced and updated test methods in Israel and abroad. System's engineers and employees are highly experienced and well known in their fields of expertise, that qualifies them to provide solutions in a wide range of tests at the highest level, with an emphasis on uncompromised reliability and service.
System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., places a senior manager/ inspector at your service for each project, who streamlines bureaucratic processes and provides a swift direct and personal service. 

The numerous activity fields of the Laboratory includes

Tests of 1, 2, 3 systems. Building Materials Quality tests: Concrete, stone, marble, cement, steel and more. Piles control: Betonite, dice, sonic, ultra-sonic, etc.
Systems of the building: Plumbing, antennas, solar systems, gas, acoustic ceilings, shelters, banister strength, flooding, sprinkling, plaster/ stone adhesion strength and more.  Special Tests: Trial loading, bolts and anchors extraction, attachment of cladding stones, structures stability, radiography tests and more (some of these tests are performed through sub-contractors). Soil tests in the field and at the laboratory: Modified systems, CBR, Marshal Asphalt systems, bitumen, gardening soil, DCP, land surveys and more. Fire Protection Systems: Inspections of sprinklers, fire detectors, fire doors, responses during a fire. Radiation Tests: Radon gas, cellular antennas, radiation in building blocks and materials.
All the above is just an example. Some of the detailed tests are not subject to laboratory authorization, but System will always find a solution to any existing technical subject through experts it engages.
System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., offers you its services for performing the quality tests required by law and undertakes to perform these tests at the required quality and reliability. The agreement entered with System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., grants you the right to receive guidance and help in solving different problems related to construction and infrastructures which arise during the building process, based on the vast knowledge and experience acquired by the company's engineers.
The customers and projects list, for which System Advanced Laboratories Ltd., performed and is performing tests includes:

Government Entities and Institutions

Netivey Ayalon, Keren Kayement Le'Israel, Ministry of Defense, IEC, Public Works Company, Ministry of Housing, Economical companies and authorities, HPT, Moriya, Israel Rail, Hagichon, Cities, Tel Aviv Municipality, Intel, Israel Ports, HPA, HKL, Rishon Le'Zion. 



Dead Sea Works, Brom Compounds, Solel Boneh, Hanson Israel, Readymix Even Vesid Industries, Isra-Beton, Ashkrit, Aviad Beton, Hadera Paper Mills, Nesher Cement.

Paving and Water Reservoirs

Paving and Water Reservoirs:
Road 531, Road 40, Road 3, Southern Entry Ben Gurion Airport, Poleg Interchange, Road 551, Road 444, Atarot Bridge, Road 90, Road 5, Bahan A.S.M. Water Reservoir, Neve Yam - Rotem Pituach Water Reservoir, Netufa – Economical Company/ A.S.M. Water Reservoir, Zukim Reservoir, Ramle pumping station, Modeiin Rail, Kiryat Gat Rail, the Border Fence, Brener Wastewater Treatment Facility, Shderot Wastewater, Hanegev Wastewater. 


A.I.L. Sela, Zalman Barashi, Biri Barashi, Mordechai Binyamin, Vanunu Achrayut, Danny Vanunu, Eli Barazani, Y.D. Barazani, Netivim Darom, Danya Manrab, Neot Atidim Modeiin – Efrati Madpis. Containers and Platforms: Brom Compounds and Machteshim, Border Fence – The Ministry of Defense, Water Desalination Facility – Ashkelon, Road 3 – Drachim, Georgia Millennium Road - Ashtrom, Carmel Tunnels – Ashtrom Solel Boneh Partnership, Road 90 Arava-Eilat – Drachim, Road 70 – Kal Binyan, Road 79 – Mordechai Binyamin. 

Public Building and Residential Housing Projects:

Amalia neighborhood – Solel Boneh, Rotem Shani Towers – Danya Cebus, Neot Hapisga Kiryat Sefer – Mazlawi, Commercial structure Jerusalem – B. Yair, Kiryat Savionim - Danya Cebus, 13 residential housing blocks Beitar Ilit – Haim Zaken Ltd., Ezorey Givataim – A. Dori, Kiryat Ono – Tidhar Bniya, Kiryat Sefer – Z. Landau, Asaf Harofeh - Meshulam Levinstein, Medoragey Alfey Mehashe – Zemah Hamerman, Bnei Dror School – Buildco Engineering, Shaarey Hadera – A. Aronson, Beitar Ilit – Danya Cebus, Ritual Baths at Elad – Yuval Yarden Building and Development, Lev Hapark Petach Tikva – Malibu Israel, Kindergartens and Schools – Neptune Rolan, Hetz Hakesef Rehovot – B.S.T. Building and Enterprising, Givataim Shopping Mall – Cementcol Solel Boneh, Tiv Ta'am – Shikun Ovdim, Kaplan Hospital – Lavie Engineering, Air Force Bases - MPS Partnership, Tel Aviv Museum, Beer Sheva Prison, Petach Tikva Stadium – Manrab – Danya Cebus partnership, Holon H. 300 – Ofek Bublil, Buyers Groups, Ramot Beit Shemesh – Z. Landau, Delek Real Estate – Bitan Aharon—Ram Aderet. 


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