Product Certification

System Advanced Laboratories Ltd. is expanding its operations to include Product Certification, Process Certification and Certification Services according to the requirements of Israeli and International Standards and normative documents.


System Labs is a Certification Unit found in recent processes to be accredited according to international standard ISO/IEC 17065: General requirements for bodies operating product certification systems (2012).


The Certification process is the process of approval of product, production and service conformance to the applicable standards and normative documents.  Upon completion of the process, clients that meet the certification requirements receive a Certificate.
System Labs accompanies the client throughout the Certification Process.  Upon completion, the client is permitted to use System Labs' Certification Mark on their products/processes/services.


Certification Unit

The Certification Unit operates as an independent Unit within System Advanced Laboratories Ltd.

The Technical Office – Composed of Engineers that prepare the client's Product File and check the client's Quality Control Plan.
Customer Service – Employees of the Certification Unit that work closely with the client.

      1. Laboratory testing – Testing methods accredited by the accreditation authority.

      2. Inspectors – Approved by the Certification Unit.

      3. Reviewers – Impartial employees that evaluate the inspection and testing.

      4. Decision Maker – Employee that makes the decision to approve certification and the certification mark use.


Why Choose us?

Professionalism and Expertise

Accredited Laboratory by the Israeli Accreditation Authority for ISO/IEC 17025 in over 300 standards and test methods in a variety of fields.

A clear and simple process designed for the client's ease according to international certification methods.

Fast service with competitive pricing. "One stop shop", all testing services through System and guaranteed certification within 60 days.


What is the Certification Process?

System Labs' internal procedure CB100 outlines the detailed certification process.



       1. Disclosing information

       2. Application

       3. Initial stage

       4. Inspection testing, review and decision

       5. Surveillance


How do I apply? 



Contact Information:


Joshua Miller Certification Manager

email: millerj@system-labs.co.il

Tel: +972522775074